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Angel Card Reading



Man has always been curious to know what the present and future holds for him and also to know about his past. Angel Cards have been a tool for divination in his search. According to Doreen Virtue, angel oracle cards “ are based on Pythagorean numerology “and they operate “alongside the infallible Law of Attraction and therefore always attract the perfect cards as answers “. There is absolute alignment in vibrational resonance in finding answers.

Here I want to share my experiences.:

When I was getting a bit lazy to organize the Angelic Therapy workshop, it was through Angel Card reading the message came that I should be happy about the fact that I had been chosen for this. Tarot Card Reading was a gift that the angels bestowed upon me. It was for the first time that I had created an Angelic grid of Seven Rays and on the last day out of the blue, I was prompted to use the deck of Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine along with this message that I should become a Tarot Card Reader. It has been through repetitive number patterns that the angels have communicated the message my life purpose lies in Alternative therapies and no wonder that a teacher of English has become a reiki grandmaster, an angel, tarot and oracle cards reader, angel therapist, crystal therapist, lama fera and yogmaya trainer!

Before coming to the healing field I never knew that there is something called ANGEL CARDS. And they can be so accurate also.

One angel (Anamika Mishra) appeared in my life and did a reading for me. I never knew that reading can be so accurate but I followed it blindly and took the healing as a part-time profession. Today I am so happy doing this work. Meeting every day with an earth angel is a blessing.

I would say that I am Blessed to have an angel like Anamika Mishra