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Angelic Therapy

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“You are an angel!”- this sentence has been said or heard by so many of us, so many times. Have you ever wondered who is an angel? According to the dictionary, an angel is a divine messenger, a spiritual being. have no time and space restrictions and therefore can be invoked by millions of people at the same time. The sole purpose of an angel is to serve the divine will. The angels awaken within us our true potential so that we can evolve spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, at all levels and dimensions of our being. Angels can make their presence felt through numbers, aroma, feathers, flowers and even fellow humans.


The benefits of learning Angelic  Therapy are limitless. It builds God consciousness. It awakens our true potential, enhances it too, thereby helps to evolve at all planes- spiritual, mental, emotional and physical - the effects of which cannot be described in mere words. Our entire life changes for the better. Angels answers all our doubts and queries (through various means and modes), enables us to solve our problems in a far better way, live our life to the fullest and in accordance with our soul purpose. At the worldly plane, we learn to invoke angels to find our missing objects, solve any perplexity of career, solve our relationship and career issues, enhance our business and regulate an inflow of money. Through the knowledge of Angelic  Therapy, we can even settle disputes and resolve a troublesome situation in a fair and just way. Moreover, if one feels lonely or suffers from pangs of loneliness he/she has a true, non-judgemental friend who can be invoked anytime, anywhere. The very feeling that someone is there to care is so soothing in itself.You will witness how angels help us manifest miracles in our life on day to day basis.

I just completed my first prayer. And I have a confession to make.

Post talking to you I was a little nervous and I didn't want to goof up in anyways.

With this first session and a matter of 5 minutes... I felt the positive energy around me. It may not have changed the world but definitely gave me a sense of calmness within, I'm all relaxed and that too all of sudden. Never saw the candles light so brighter before. This was my first experience of such kind and I thank you for giving me this new feeling. I am not nervous...not stressed ...not frustrated. I'm relaxed and I feel good.