Anamika's Spiritual Cafe

Crystal Therapy


Crystals are Mother Nature's gift to mankind. Crystals are found in all shapes, sizes, and colors that enhance physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well-being. Each crystal is unique and has a unique vibrational and resonance because of the mineral content, sacred geometry and the frequency of the color that they exhibit. The human body has a complex vibrational energy system. Crystals carry vibrations that activate certain energy centers within our electromagnetic system. "Proponents believe that crystals act as conduits for healing" which creates positive effects on the body.

Crystals like clear quartz and others amplify energy. Crystals can be used to heal issues related to career, relationship, physical ailments, confidence, fear, anxiety... the list is endless. Crystals are used to balance chakras, auras and elements which promote well-being at all levels. Crystals can create an ambiance of positivity, warmth, joy and happiness when programmed to do so.

Crystal healing has been in vogue since ancient times, the earliest record of crystals for healing can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. In recent years, crystal healing has gained popularity. When I was first introduced to crystals and bought crystals of different hues, colors, shapes and properties, it gave me an immense gratification, happiness, contentment, a kindling, childlike pleasure and for ... an experience which remains inexplicable in words.


The crystal therapy and angel prayer for marriage helped me in finding my soulmate. Thanks a lot for everything.

--One of my client