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Energy Mapping


Have you ever noticed that you feel happy going and being at one place and unhappy, irritated being at few places? Have you tried to analyze as to why this happens? It happens because of the energy of that particular place and even because of your own energetic vibrations. Everything in this world is energy. There are different ways and means to transmute the negative energy into a positive one. If you remain in a constant state of anxiety, worry, depression, sleep deprivation, sickness, lack it is advisable to get an energy mapping done of your home, office/work arena to check the energy of that place, whether it is positive, negative or a combination of both. The energy of a particular place can be made peaceful, joyous and full of warmth!

The benefits that one gets from Energy Mapping is limitlessly awesome!

Energy Mapping is very important for the place where we stay, Thank you, Mrs. Anamika Mishra, for doing it for my house with using crystal and other remedies. It is very effective in all way and it helps to reduce negativity and all positivity came to my house. And this is all because of you., Thank you, Mrs. Anamika Mishra, once again.

-Kruti Pathak