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Karmic Reiki


I read somewhere, “Nothing happens by chance, by fate. You create your own fate by your actions.That’s karma.”This made me ponder, once more about the importance of Karma. We have all grown up listening and reading this proverb, “As you sow , so you reap.” What we face in this life and in other lifetimes is the result of our own actions. Karma is intricate, too vast.

There are many ways of karma clearing and Karmic  Reiki is one of the of the effective ways of karma and even aura cleansing. Karmic reiki has been fabricated by Martyn  Pentacost. It is based on Usui techniques. It deals with diverse that arise from negative karmic events. It is a must for all to stop negative karmic circle, which also affects one’s  auric field, which otherwise may create a lot of problems at different levels.

Karmic Reiki five immensely powerful, channeled and high-frequency symbols to treat karmic and auric issues.The names of the symbols are mentioned below:

Taoist Grace | The Emotional Butterfly | MeiKu Do | MeiTuNyo | ShiteMyo

One needs to be attuned to these symbols in order to use them. Initially, it should be practiced in nonprofessional surroundings, under guidance as these are extremely powerful frequencies of energy. The above-mentioned symbols can bring amazing results in one’s life. The beauty of Karmic Reiki lies in the fact that it is an immensely effective and powerful yet simple in its usage.  Personally speaking, I had the wonderful experience of karma and auric cleansing by Karmic Reiki.

We are the creators of our own destiny.Let us cleanse our karmas because “every action you did in the past, there’s a reaction in the present.”

Divine Blessings!

Love and Light!


When I close my eyes for attunement I saw a very clear path. After that I felt that there is a hand on my left shoulder and somebody is whispering in my right ear. I felt very light when I was accepting attunement. After attunement I saw the presence of my Angel in  the form of white feather which has a complete shape of body with wings.

When I started my journey for office, I found there were number of cars around me having no. plate of 22,333,44,444,4444,555,000,77,777,7777,888,9999. As usual, I went for lukewarm water for me and when I got warm water in my water bottle it was complete melt due to hot water and it had converted in the shape of Angel. (It has shoulder - it is looking that it has folded hand - Even two three people said WOW it's looking very nice after melting). Around 4'o clock I was doing some work with my boss and I found a very beautiful rainbow on my notepad.

Last night in my dream I saw violet flame is glittering in my mobile. I'm feeling some happiness inside me and I have fast today(Thursday Fast). As usual I went to have a cup of tea I was thinking about Angel and when lift opened there were also a Rainbow.

I'm truly grateful of you Ma'am.

Love you and Gratitude I'm blessed to have a wonderful Teacher in my life.

--One of Student.