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Lama Fera

Lama Fera is a simple yet very powerful technique of healing. Shri S.K. Saini introduced this healing system in 1998 and thereafter it has been propagated by Masters. Lama Fera is a union of two words, both having their importance and identity: lama means a follower, who follows the philosophies of Buddha making it a part of his life from the core of his heart and fera is two and a half times circumvention and a system of healing. Symbols and mantras are kept confidential. In this system, the healer acts as a channel of Lord Buddha.



Lama Fera is an extremely efficient healing system, the benefits of which are innumerable and immeasurable:

  1. Immensely effective in removing unwanted spirit
  2. Cleans homes, offices, buildings or any negative place
  3. Helps to overcome fear, anxiety, stress and any kind of tensions
  4. Enhances psychic abilities and connection with masters/guides
  5. Increases spiritual abilities
  6. Improves the effectiveness of meditation
  7. Cures discomfort caused by a disease and even helps to cure chronic diseases
  8. Relieves pain
  9. Improves memory
  10. Balances the physical, mental and emotional energy
  11. Promotes inner peace and well being

For those who have an eye for details, the story associated with Lama Fera goes like this that a woman was lamenting the untimely death of her husband. Buddha tried to console her but she was inconsolable. So, Buddha told her to bring grains of rice from the house where not a single death has taken place. She searched but could not find a single house as specified by Him. Buddha at that time did not have female disciples. She prostrated on His path and was resolute that she would not move till he accepted her as his a disciple. So Buddha circumvented round the lady two and a half times and this circumvention of two and a half times by Buddha is Fera or the traditional Fera System.