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Reiki:(Level 1 to Grandmaster)


Reiki is a Universal Life Force Energy that heals us at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes of existence. It is an alternative, complementary therapy which is administered through hands and even in distance mode. Reiki is made up of two Japanese words, “Rei” meaning universal power or spirit and “Ki” meaning life force or energy.

In today’s world of stress, strain, and anxiety Reiki is a boon for us. The benefits of Reiki are innumerable and at times miraculous, which I have witnessed in my life and also in  the lives of my clients and students:

  1. Reiki promotes faster healing, relaxation, and stress.
  2. It helps one to attain emotional, mental and spiritual balance.
  3. Stress, be it work related, environment or one related to emotions, it triggers psychosomatic disease; to name a few ill- effects of prolonged stress- heart attack, eating disorders, mood swings, anxiety, depression....
  4. With regular practice of reiki, there is an enhancement in a positive outlook.
  5. Reiki heals stiffness in joints, infections, and inflammations. One of my student remarkable improvement in psoriasis by giving reiki to all the 24 points.
  6. Nowadays many of us are struggling with one relationship issue or the other. Since reiki treats us at all the planes, so it also strengthens the relationship with one’s own self and also with others.
  7. Reiki clears energy blockages balances our mind, body, and soul.
  8. It can even treat low self-esteem, lack of confidence; it has a positive effect on all forms of blockages, illness and negative conditions.

Reiki enhances a sense of overall well-being. Anyone from a child to an elderly can learn it. A willingness to learn, commitment and will to change one’s life for the better are the prerequisites to learn Reiki.

 Anamika Mishra

(Reiki Grandmaster| Tarot Card Reader| Alternative Therapist)